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The list of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a special kind of funds, which does not depend on the economies, natural resources and other factors. They only apply in a virtual environment, and their price depends on demand. Thanks to this virtual currency become another asset that you can use for trading on the exchange.

Xmaket - Ripple



Is not just a cryptocurrency, it is a huge project, which carries the idea of a unified trading system. As of payment are not usual for us physical currency, and its counterpart — Ripple, which can be used to purchase any service or product in any country. In the process of transaction of the currency is completely destroyed and not sent back into the system. Now the loss is equal to one-thousandth share of the dollar. This feature allows you to prevent the attacks of scammers who create multiple transactions. In the case of attempts to “sasamat” the scammer will also face the Commission rate which increases exponentially, making the transaction unprofitable in any case.


Features of cryptocurrency:


  • Had 2 billion market capitalization, at the cost of a coin is just 1 cent;
  • The system has 100 billion coins already mined, but I give the creators;
  • Stock Ticker rot you shot into ripple — XRP.
Xmaket - LiteCoin



One of the cryptocurrencies based on the Bitcoin technology. The speed of transactions with above Litecoin than with bitcoin. LiteCoin in many aspects superior to Bitcoin, but LTC mining system it is possible to cheat, which makes it somewhat unreliable.


Features Of Litecoin:


  • Coins you can mine, but the process is much more complicated than for most other amount of cryptocoins;
  • In the system of Litecoin, you can't cancel the transaction;
  • File-wallet to store your coins is part of a network, it can't be hacked;
  • Now LTC is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the CIS, because it is convenient to use and it provides a quick transaction.
Xmaket - Ethereum



The Ethereum - one of the most popular cryptocurrency operating on the market of electronic money at the moment. Is the second after the attractiveness of Bitcoin for simple transactions. Using the Ethereum it is possible to trade using different assets without exhausting the legal procedures.

In addition Ethereum is a decentralized and open platform, which not only needed to create a currency, but its decentralized applications. Unit Ethereum ETH are marked. Has extremely high growth potential in price due to the demand for transactions. Unlike Bitcoin Broadcast is not limited in the number of creation.

Xmaket - Dash



This is one of the new cryptocurrencies, which are focused on payments. Platform dash makes it easier to conduct any transactions online and offline with a small Commission. Dash is based on similar technology as Bitcoin, but is not limited to using only the Internet. The system is limited and can support only 22 million coins now received a total of 8 million

What you should know about Dash?


  • Has a high forming speed of the blockchain, making the transactions are faster. If you compare with Bitcoin, the operation of timer 4 times less.
  • Has a high level of anonymity.
  • Does not require particularly powerful hardware for mining.
  • At the moment it is the third most expensive cryptocurrency (except Bitcoin Cash).
Xmaket - BitCoin



The founder of the cryptocurrency, the first representative of the real electronic money created on the basis of the blockchain technology. Now it is the oldest existing cryptocurrency, which still occupies the top 1 in the list of the most popular e-currencies. Most of the records for the change in the value of the cryptocurrency is also owned bitcoin.

This currency is limited in number - all of them will be released and is available for use 21 million At this point for the market is available for rough estimates, about 17 million virtual coins.
To refer to Bitcoin on the exchange using the Ticker symbol BTC.


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