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Features of trading contracts for difference

Using this tool it is possible to carry out transactions using the assets of such companies more valuable resources, raw materials and products.


The main difference CFD is that there is no manipulation of the assets used in the transaction. For example the trader can purchase a contract for shares, and then sell it once the price of the asset will rise. The entire profit of the operation will depend on the price change. The trader invests expecting the fall or rise in asset prices, in fact the shares that were offered in the deals, not bought and not sold.

The contract for difference provides several advantages, for example:

  • A wide range of assets that can be used for transactions;
  • Availability even for a trader with small capital;
  • There is no fee on the transactions.

We provide low spread for this financial instrument, so you can get maximum benefits. Learn more about the Commission you can find in a special section of the website. All you need to follow the market prices, time to make trades. The amount of dividends for operations would be similar trades using real stocks.

Tools and platform capabilities

For more comfortable trading, you can set an automatic limit on trading. For this there are tools provided by our platform, which allow to automatically close positions when it reaches the set price. To begin work on the resource is sufficient to open a account which will only take two minutes. Recharge your account in any convenient way. Information on deposits and trading you can get after opening the account.

Trading cryptocurrency provides endless opportunities to generate income

Opening an account, you get access to the on-trade and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Trading bitcoin easy to understand and cope with them each.

The benefits of opening an account with us:

  • the opportunity to start with a minimal investment;
  • safe bidding system;
  • a high percent of yield, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • a variety of trading platforms;
  • the ability to conduct transactions online at any time.

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