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What is mining?

If you have any desire to earn extra money on the cryptocurrency, it is necessary to start mine. Of course, the first is to understand what is bitcoin mining how does it work and what to expect. The essence of mining is to provide a network for its computing capacities — as a reward for this you get kryptonite. The miner must constantly monitor its communication channel, increasing its computing power.


Let's consider a simple example. For example, there is one person, there is another, third, etc. While there is some General information, it is divided into parts between all participants and there on the Internet. As information can be a transaction number, information about deals, etc. That is, each person in the network has a copy of all the information. It is already known the technology of the blockchain.

The types of mining


  • GPU (graphics cards).
  • Asik ‑ special equipment from China.
  • HDD (hard drive).
  • CPU (processors).
  • Cloud mining.
  • HDD

Hard drives bottom, but the disks quickly begin to make strange noises, and then usually fail. Using this method to earn a lot of does not work, can not even recoup the cost of the equipment.


It is possible to get Dash-currency bitcoins and also actively. From obvious minuses it is possible to allocate fast loss of cost of the equipment i.e. if you want to then sell it on a secondary market, then only for nothing. Asik Also very noisy also consume a lot of electric power.

Obvious shortcomings are: impossibility to foretell how many the concrete office, quite low profit which is doing not come within miles with GPU mining will exist. There is a sense to use this method only on far prospect and if there is no wish to bother with the purchase of the equipment.

From pluses it is possible to mark out the high profitability of this method. Of course, there are certain shortcomings and here: high electricity consumption, decent noise level, strong allocation of heat. Why it is often possible to hear phrases like "to dig coins", "to get koina", a talk about some farms. It is connected with the fact that as well as fiatny money, just like that can't do cryptocurrencies, if there will be too much them, then they will lose the value. Digital money too limited quantity. When everyone gets digital coins for itself(himself), it is called solo mining. Also there are pools that to people the earned coins were evenly distributed. In one pool there can be very many mayner — the their more, the power of the pool is more.

PoW-Proof of Work (work confirmation). What does it mean? As already it has been told above, bitcoins are got by means of video cards, asik, etc. We make a certain work and we earn the reward for it.

PoS ‑ Proof of Stake (confirmation of a share). Here the essence is that you buy a coin then she just grows over time, without involving your capacities. But there is no special profitability in this way.

The most favorable, what types of of a mining

It is PoW-mining on video cards. Noise will be present, but rather small, at the same time quite good durability of the equipment (video cards), is also highly liquid goods i.e. if with a mining it hasn't turned out, then you will always be able to sell video cards as the ordinary computer equipment. And it is the most profitable type of mining.


The fact that this parameter has property to grow through certain temporary intervals is remarkable. Most often, this growth happens after registration in a blockchain of a certain number of blocks. With each increase in this parameter the efficiency of production of cryptocoins falls since more and more memory for the solution of similar tasks is required.

As a result it is possible to draw a conclusion that to invest in cryptocurrency, it is quite favorable to be engaged in a mining now, it is possible to earn from it at the correct approach. But it is extremely important to watch a situation in the exchange market cryptoforeign always to be aware of a situation and not to miss a right moment for take-off.


How did cryptocurrency

In 2009, the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto found a way to create an independent currency without a centralized control. So there was the world's first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


All the data on the crypto – operations, production, purchase and other actions – are recorded in a special register, called Baccano (blockchain). Any transaction is not considered complete until it is added to the blockchain; adding data to the blockchain takes several minutes and is an irreversible action. In the period between the transaction unit of currency can't be used by a party that prevents fraud or the appearance of duplicates.


Each system user has a "wallet" which confirms the ownership of a particular number of currency units. Using wallet you can send and receive currency, the wallet plays the role of a personal registry. This technology is safe, however, provided with additional security measures (passwords, etc.). Wallet data can be stored in the cloud or on the local hard disk of the computer.
The participants involved in the production of new units of currency and verify registers (blockchains) are called miners (miners).


The popularity of trading digital currencies gaining momentum, and there are a lot of reasons. As the reserves of these currencies is strictly limited, and state agencies and banks can not intervene in the process, users get certain advantages from the traders trading in conventional currencies. At its core, crypto-currencies are non-renewable – characteristics which makes them with more commodities and metals, than with the actual currency. This, in particular, explains the growth of cryptocurrencies for a long time.


Since cryptocurrency transactions are completely anonymous, and the state and the banks can't interfere in them, many traders and investors are impressed by this approach that makes the digital currency more attractive. It is also important to respond that the Commission on transactions much lower than for operations with traditional currencies in banks.


Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is still being finalized, they have already managed to change things in the modern world of Finance. It is important to pay attention to the scope of digital currencies is very limited, and their volatility is extremely high and trudnoprohodim, because the price is determined solely by supply and demand. On the other hand, the complexity of the code does not allow for the emergence of counterfeit currency units, and this is a definite plus.


 Long-term prospects of cryptocurrencies are meanwhile foggy, however their popularity only grows, and in the near future they not only will remain afloat, but also will prosper for certain.

Attention! High volatility of the market of cryptocurrencies gives great opportunities of receiving profit. Due to volatility some cryptocurrencies can periodically be removed from the platform and be blocked.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or digital currency is a modern electronic currency presented in the form of data that are exchanged directly between network participants, without the mediation of banks and state agencies. Technically, a cryptocurrency is a sequence of encrypted codes transmitted through the network. All transactions made with bitcoin are recorded in a public register controlled by the system.

The lack of a single regulatory authority leads to high volatility of digital currencies, therefore investment in such an asset can bring a large profit or loss in a short period of time. Also due to the lack of centralized regulation of cryptocurrencies are accepted not everywhere.There is a certain number of units of cryptocurrencies, which can be released. This number is set with the emergence of the currency, and in any case should not be exceeded.

The price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is changing for various reasons: news, articles in the media, statements of public authorities. Currently cryptocurrencies are growing, which makes them very attractive for traders. There are ongoing conversations about the regulation of a market for such currencies, which can also affect the price.

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Legal regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia and different countries of the world

Regulation of the cryptocurrency market began to form as soon as the world community, it became clear that new money will significantly alter the economy.
What is cryptocurrency? This is a relatively new payment instrument that came to light in 2009. At that time, there was no state regulation of the financial instrument that caused the speculation of conflicts of law. Today, only few countries have established legislation concerning the regulation of cryptocurrency, but Russia in the list is not included. Consider the legal regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia and the situation in other countries of the world.

Cryptocurrency in Russia

For the first time Bitcoin has come to the attention of the domestic legislation in 2014. Representatives of the Central Bank, the Duma and the Russian government has urged people to be careful about the currency and defined it as virtual and surrogate financial means. Russian judicial practice related to the use of cryptocurrencies faced with serious problems due to the lack of legal base in this sphere. Identification of the person who carried out the criminal activities of the cryptocurrency was impossible, because it ensured complete anonymity. Regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia in the full sense of the word is not yet available. Initially popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, according to the legal regulation was illegal. According to article 128 of the civil code among objects of civil rights that have civil oboronosposobnost, the concept of cryptocurrencies is not included (this list included property rights, cashless money, securities, etc.).


There is only one document that discusses the concept of a money substitute, Federal law No. 86 dated 10.07.2002. It sets out a clear prohibition of issue in the territory of the Russian Federation monetary surrogates or other units. Mining the cryptocurrency may be considered a violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, because its emission occurs through the actions of individual participants. However, mining was not recognized as an illegal act or crime, since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not have a certain status, but in judicial practice, there are no precedents associated with them.


So, cryptocurrencies are defined as the intangible assets having legal registration of legal transactions. In the legislation of the Russian Federation there is no ban on carrying out similar operations, but in certain cases sale or purchase for bitcoins of goods or services could be considered as the act promoting criminal acts (trade in narcotic substances, financing of the terrorist organizations). At the beginning of 2017 in Moscow the conference devoted to regulation of cryptocurrencies has been held. According to leading experts and consultants if earlier the relation of the state to such money was prohibitive and restrictive, then now it was replaced on anticipatory and allowing (according to the letter of FTS, "what isn't forbidden is authorized").


Also the assumption has been made that shortly in Russia development of regulation of cryptocurrencies for prevention of money laundering that is observed also in other countries of the world – most likely, towards the end of a year will begin. According to the representative of Sberbank, the manager of projects of the Center of technological innovations, development of own cryptocurrency for its application in interbank payment service provider will shortly begin. Also he has mentioned conducting testing of various projects in the field of a blockchain.

Situation in other countries

In Japan at the moment the bitcoin has received the status of full-fledged currency. The USA, Canada and the countries of Europe are positive to tokens as they understand that they shortly will become an important part of economy on a global scale. In the USA the cryptocurrency is considered doubly – as goods and virtual currency.
Almost each European country has developed regulations of bitcoin. These rules are aimed at preventing a situation at which cryptocurrencies are applied to commission of cybercrimes (for example, for money laundering).


The analysis of cryptocurrencies has shown that in Sweden tokens are equated to traditional money, and in Germany shortly the cryptocurrency will receive the status of personal funds. In Belgium in relation to this money the same laws which work in the relation and electronic financial means are applied.


In Iceland known for the largest mining-capacities around the world, there was a peculiar situation: her citizens have the right to be engaged in a mining, but the exchanges of cryptocurrencies and purchase of coins are under a ban therefore acquisition of tokens for money for people is impossible. It is made with the purpose to prevent capital outflow from the country.


A variety of political systems, traditional for the Asian countries, cultures and economic models disappeared an exception and in the world of cryptocurrencies. In Singapore the authorities carry out work on formation of National council and the legislation by means of which it will be possible to license the address of tokens. Quite good prospects are also in Malaysia where the state is ready for creation of financial those projects for formation of the first Islamic financial system. As for the province of the People's Republic of China Taiwan, in this country of cryptocurrency under a ban. Because of the corruption scandals connected with bitcoins, financial institutions have no right to work with the organizations whose field of activity is related to crypto - Wednesday. In Pakistan the state prefers not to form legal base for cryptocurrencies so far, taking a "waiting" position. The bitcoin is in Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh under a ban.

Countries of South America

In the states of South America the relation to this phenomenon negative, it is still forbidden to earn from cryptocurrency. In Ecuador the authorities have developed own cryptocurrency – only it is resolved at the legislative level. In such a way they have protected her from rival currencies. The authorities of Brazil have decided to wait until the situation in the world clears up, and their blockchain community and the regional market at the moment are at an insufficient step of development. The exception is made by Argentina. The president of the country is known that he acts in favor of support of bitcoin therefore Argentina "is beaten out" from the general course of the South American countries.


In the different countries legal regulation of cryptocurrencies has essential differences. In the developed states the legislation is positive to them, has the bill of regulation of cryptocurrencies, the developed institutional base. According to experts, in the future the number of the countries which will formalize cryptocurrencies in the legal documents will only increase. Those countries which will already have the corresponding system of regulation of cryptocurrencies (the last at the same time will begin to function successfully in the bank organizations), will begin to approach the leading states. The countries with less developed legal system will need to adopt the most successful practicians.


Meanwhile the economy on a basis a blockchain surely approaches becoming a part of world economic system. However it is difficult to claim with full confidence that in the nearest future the bitcoin will become widespread currency. The reason for that – decentralization of system where the intermediary central banks are absent, trade in cryptocurrency is beaten out from the sphere of their control. It leads to the fact that problems of regulation of cryptocurrencies appear. It is necessary only to watch how events will develop further.

All about blockchain

In recent years more and more hype around some strange blockchain technology. Why venture capitalists and serious entrepreneurs have high hopes and is called the blockchain a huge breakthrough in technology? The blockchain is a technology which built the famous Bitcoin.

If we neglect the technological details, the scheme of this technology is quite simple. The blockchain can be represented in the form of a Ledger, which is owned by all participants and which has the property all the time updated. In this book, you can store absolutely any information from banking transactions to business contracts or fingerprints.

One of the main features of the technology is that the pages of this book (which can be considered as blocks) are available to all users of the network. They also constantly refer to the previous page and is being updated. If someone decides to steal or to paste a fake page, then the blockchain will immediately browse the thousands of other copies of this book stored on different computers, and find a structural inconsistency.


What is the principle of the blockchain

This system can be represented in the form of the block chain is distributed among users via peer-to-peer (peer to peer) computer networks that have long been used to download and upload a normal torrent.


Each block is assigned a digital signature hash as an identifier. All the blocks are arranged in a specific order, through a mathematical function (the term "Blockchain" is literally translated as chain blocks). When you try to change the order of the blocks, the system will display an error because there are inconsistencies between the structure and the identifier.


In order that no hacker could not replace electronic signature and calculate a hash sum which the system will accept as genuine, the blockchain uses several ways to protect information: Proof of Work(proof of work) and Proof of Stake (proof of ownership). The two most famous types of agreements in payment systems that work with cryptocurrency. They provide two different mechanisms to prove what was the particular job. Now briefly try to explain their work in the context of cryptocurrencies.


Proof of Work is the algorithm of the distributed systems protecting from abuse of services, its sense comes down to two main points:

1. It is necessary to carry out quite uncommon and big task on volume.
2. Existence of a possibility of easy and fast check of the end result.

Problems of this type are, as a rule, not intended for performance by the person, however the computer copes with them, meeting deadlines, but many computing resources for this purpose will be required. At all this, check of the final result isn't too difficult therefore it is made quickly enough, without spending many resources of the computer.

Besides, there is other, not less important mechanism of consensus which was used for the first time in 2012 in PPCoin (cryptocurrency) – Proof of Stake. The essence of a method consists that as a resource shares ("stake") defining what knot will receive privilege on receiving the following block at present act. In this approach knots try to hash data to find result which would be less preset value, but the labor input is distributed in proportion and there corresponds to quantity of tokens concrete the note (knot). As a result it is possible to come to a conclusion that the knot gets the greatest chances of generation of the following block with the greatest balance (quantity of tokens). In more detail about these methods it is possible to read on Habré, and we won't go deep into technical details now.

Where all this can be applied

Actually, there is a lot of scopes of technology. Thanks to revolutionary technology the blockchain, financial services, Internet-applications, health care and insurance will undergo serious changes. Today creation of system for storage of information on patients to which it would be possible to get easily access from medical institutions is very important for health care. For example, today data are, as a rule, stored within one concrete establishment, and technologies a blockchain will allow to get access to her from any place.


Also it will be possible to make easily control of a consumption of medicines, to register actions of doctors, nurses, to make monitoring of medical these patients in real time. The smart contracts constructed on a basis a blockchain would function in the way, transparent for all. Bonus payments, various contracts and documents can be registered in a blockchain, in that case all medical staff will come to mutual understanding with the patients, writing down in the register certain conditions to each other. And there is more to come examples of how technologies a blockchain will be able to change health sector in the near future.


The decentralized structure will allow us to depart from use of the typical client server model and many times over to increase overall performance of various applications. The distributed databases can provide much higher speed of work of programs, besides quite ample opportunities for scaling of projects in the digital environment appear. Also, thanks to this technology communication of devices with each other without use of the server will become possible. It will lead to the fact that various devices will be able to exchange necessary information and to analyze it without assistance of the third parties, the person, including that will result in sharp increase in productivity of all system.


Let's talk in more detail that blockchains-applications are. It is the structure consisting of four various modules. First of all, any blockchain demands a consensus algorithm, i.e. a certain arrangement which would allow all participants of network at once of time to possess relevant information. Secondly, the invariable storage (that there was no opportunity to make changes to already existing information) is necessary, the server part similar to many web projects is also necessary, and the last component is фронтенд – the user interface. This approach allows to avoid many problems which we face now and we will face in the near future. Nevertheless this approach has reefs.


First of all, it is complexity of development since the developers of a certain competence capable to write quite difficult functionality for this purpose will be required. Besides considerably expenses both labor, and temporary increase that complicates further support and potential scaling. And all this leads to rather high cost. In principle, all these minuses are characteristic of any new technology, we already passed through all these stones at a stage of active growth of web projects literally a few years ago. Integration of various frameworks, creation of the uniform API format for applications, delegation of functionality can become the decision.


Till 2008 many Internet users owned nothing digital. Why? Because if you owned the domain, your rights for this domain were all the same regulated if you had photos, then they easily could be copied. In fact, there was no such concept as digital property. It has appeared with emergence a blockchain.

Now it is already possible to mean by digital property anything. Also there were decentralized autonomous organizations. For example, the Bitcoin is the organization, there are people who have established notes, there are mayner (those who collect cryptocurrency). The blockchain is the following Internet, he has brought with himself clever contracts, self-contained units. Each blockchain is a programmable corporation.


Today the whole army of experts says that the blockchain so революционен, as well as nternt in due time. In it there is an element of truth: users of network won't be able to deceive each other, intermediaries like banks won't be necessary, there is also no central knot, having cracked which there is an opportunity to break work of all system. Has to pass still certain time before this technology becomes the real mainstream and will take a huge share of the market.

The terms of trade cryptocurrencies

We offer the cryptocurrency trading without commissions and at a competitive price target spread. Full list of our CFDs on cryptocurrency you can check their trading hours, individual margins and allowed the position size.

Trading strategy cryptocurrency (btc) on Forex and CFD

A new financial instrument wins traders around the world is the cryptocurrency. However, this tool differs from the usual asset its volatility and pricing. The question arises about the trading strategies of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Is it possible to trade as other couples. Today cryptocurrency trading available to almost everyone. The technical principle of the analysis, consideration and trading is no different from our usual financial market instruments Forex and contracts for difference. Trade bitcoin at the moment, looks more interesting than other assets. This is caused by the high volatility of the instrument. Because of the constant increase in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we can work within the day, so in the long term.


How to choose a strategy for trading bitcoins


Over the past year the change in the asset price was several hundred percent. In the long term, you can use the strategy in the direction of the main trend. Remember that the price of cryptocurrency does not depend on the policy of States. What the government can do at the moment, it is only to impose regulation on bitcoin and bitcoins. However, due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is not controlled by the tool to determine who is the master and affect the demand of the state today.


The choice of strategy for trading cryptocurrencies should depend on your capabilities, your Deposit and knowledge of technical analysis.


As practice shows, the basic strategy used in Forex and CFD trading suitable for trading digital currencies. This is because the price of assets depends on the behavior of the crowd. Today it is possible to observe a high hype around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, according to all forecasts, this tool will grow in price at least a few years.


What you should pay attention when choosing the strategy for trading cryptocurrencies


On which pair we will trade is if the pair is present and the currency, we can use fundamental analysis, which affects only the currency. The advantage of using fundamental analysis is that the cryptocurrency does not depend on financial news. Time intervals - with the right budget allocation for trading, can be used as trade intra-day and long-term deals. Technical indicators to identify trends - you can use technical analysis to determine the behavior of the crowd, and the impact on the pricing of crypto asset.


At the strategy choice surely you remember the initial budget / deposit at the broker risk management. If you begin trade with the minimum deposit, it is the best of all to catch the minimum changes in price, within day trade on the cheapest tools.


We would like to pay attention that the cryptocurrency is a new financial instrument. Most of traders doesn't have enough enough knowledge for a clear understanding and the analysis of the future by the movements of the price of this asset. Open the account at the broker Xmarket, bring a deposit, and begin to earn from cryptocurrencies, enjoying support of professionals!

How to start trading?

1. Register and open an account
When opening an account we suggest you go through two-factor authentication to ensure maximum protection of your funds;


2. Install the program or log in to the web trader
Download software Xmarket on your PC or mobile device or use web trading and trade online.


3. Refill your account
We offer a variety of ways to Deposit and withdraw funds choose something convenient for you.


To open an account

Can I open a short position on bitcoin?

Yes, you can. In Xmarket you can place a short position and thus to profit from their declining prices.


Do I need a wallet of crypto-currencies in order to trade them?

No, Xmarket you trade CFDs (Contracts for difference) on cryptocurrencies, so the result is formed from changes in their price. You do not own the actual units of cryptocurrency. 

How to protect against risks in the cryptocurrency market?

As the cryptocurrency market is still young and has a high instability in comparison with the Forex market, to trade on it psychologically much more difficult than with conventional currencies. Cryptotriton is constantly in tension because of possible collapse, and the media all the time, rumors that bitcoin is a "bubble" that could burst at any moment. In such circumstances, trade with cryptocurrencies are always associated with high risks due to the fact that this market is very sensitive to almost any, even the most incredible rumors and speculation.


But if you trade CFDs on cryptocurrency broker Xmarket, you don't have to worry about that because the funds in your Deposit is stored in dollars / euros, and you can get them out. Therefore, even if the cryptocurrency market there was a crisis, you can wrap it to their advantage and make a profit where other traders will suffer losses. To do this, just open the transaction for sale.

Who can trade cryptocurrency

Online trading cryptocurrencies is already a very popular form of investment, which is appreciated by millions of traders around the world. Trading cryptocurrencies can be virtually any subject of the basic principles of risk management. Training center Xmarket contains all the materials and resources you need to start trading cryptocurrencies online.


Many of the most successful traders Xmarket started out as complete beginners, without any experience in the financial markets. They used a Training centre and a demo account to learn to trade cryptocurrencies. Among traders cryptocurrency is like beginners trading in your spare time and professional investors, managing complex portfolios. Xmarket platform allows the investor to set financial goals and take control of their own investments.

Example of CFD trading for money

You believe that the price of ether in USD will rise and want to profit from this movement by buying 10 CFDs at USD Ether. Suppose that the current price of 1 CFD is $400.
Ether USD margin is 50%, which means that you need to pay half (50%) of the transaction value, which is equal to $4000 (10 CFDs x $400), or in other words $2,000: 50% x $4,000 = $2,000.Let's assume you were right and the price of Ether in USD increased by $10 to $410. In this case, closing your pozicy, you realize a profit of $100 (10 x $10).
If instead of raising the price of Ether will fall by USD $10, you will take a loss of $100 (10 x $10).


*Note: Any quotes of financial instruments specified in the example above is only indicative and may not reflect the current situation of the market.

The advantages of trading cryptocurrencies on Xmarket

CFDs allow you to profit from the dynamics of prices without owning the underlying asset. You can earn both on falling and rising market. Use of CFD for protection, i.e. hedging their positions, or to extract high profits.

CFD Crypto Currency is a new and highly liquid financial instrument for trade and investment, allows you to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, regardless of whether they grow or fall their cost.


You can trust us big business the Reputation as the largest International financial holding Europe Xmarket and partnership with well-known banks in Austria and Switzerland, to create conditions for mutually beneficial relations.


Xmarket licensed broker. All commercial and financial transactions are carried out according to the strict rules of the regulator and protected by law.


For the conclusion of the CFD contracts you enough to have 500$ / € and have minimal knowledge. You analyze the situation on the market of cryptocurrencies, enter into a CFD contract (forecast prices), waiting for the outcome of the transaction to make a profit.


Thanks to the CFD Crypto Currency, earn do just. You get access to all crypto-currencies through a single merchant account. To earn money on cryptocurrency You do not need to engage in mining, there is no need to create wallets and to buy cryptocurrency.


Thanks to leverage You can dramatically increase the potential profit. We are not a tax agent and does not deduct taxes from our customers. Safety of funds is guaranteed by the European banks and insurance companies.


Flexible and quick replenishment and withdrawal of funds. Bank transfers in euros, US dollars, electronic payments via WebMoney, money transfer with credit card. The minimum initial Deposit of 500 USD or EUR.


- Consultation with technical support specialists. Opening an account in a few minutes, without the need to collect and send the documents. We will take care of all the paperwork and send you the original contract.


How do I choose a crypto currency exchange or Forex broker?

Among capturadora from time to time there are disputes about where to trade cryptocurrency, when it comes to working with major assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on.

Some traders claim that trade cryptocurrency appropriate solely on the crypto currency exchange and CFD is a surrogate cryptotrading. While their opponents cite a number of arguments in favor of working with cryptocurrencies, using the services of Forex brokers.

So we decided to do a quick review of the pros and cons of both types of trading the cryptocurrency, leaving the right to conclude in favor of one of them for you.


The crypto currency exchange


1. Buying cryptocurrencies is happening physically is that in the case of a strong decline in prices leaves you the owner, even at zero cost. 1. By entering into a CFD for free, you are guaranteed execution at the current price without the need of finding a buyer come seller (100% liquidity).
2. On cryptomeria trading a large number of tokens, including not only the basic but also the ones that just went up for auction after ICO. 2. There is leverage that allows you to make transactions with a volume five times greater than your Deposit, allowing up to five times more profit.
3. Having accounts on two different exchanges, one bitcoin, you can make arbitrage, earning the difference of course. 3. Making money on the account and removal from the account is in dollars (Fiat money), which greatly simplifies the process and gives you the opportunity to save on foreign exchange gains and commissions of the exchange.
4. Limited liquidity of assets in case of default of the market. 4. Your account is always stored in dollars/ euros insuring your Deposit against currency risk in the event of the collapse of the cryptocurrency market.
5. The necessity of finding a counterparty for the transaction. 5. At your disposal is a stop-loss order ensures automatic closure of your deal with minimal loss, on a pre-specified price, without the need of finding a buyer, at the time of falling of the market.
6. The possibility of depositing and withdrawing Fiat money available when you Deposit from $10 000, while the number of exchanges, working with Fiat money, is very small. 6. Bitcoin trading in CFDs allows you to earn both on growth, and the fall in the price of the cryptocurrency that becomes a great way to make during the development of a strong market correction, thereby "zahedzhirovat" your position on the crypto currency exchange.


In relation to Bitcoin CFD contract allows you to earn on price changes of cryptocurrency without the need of a wallet and buy bitcoins. If the price of bitcoin has increased, then the buyer receives from the seller the difference in price.


If the price dropped, the seller will receive the difference in price from the buyer.


Using CFD Crypto Currency You can earn in any direction of the price of Bitcoin, as with the growth of Bitcoin value, and the depreciation. Any change is a prerequisite for earnings, in each situation you can make a profit. Anyway, where will the price of Bitcoin up or down. The main dynamics of the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Trading cryptocurrency provides endless opportunities to generate income

Opening an account, you get access to the on-trade and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Trading bitcoin easy to understand and cope with them each.

The benefits of opening an account with us:

  • the opportunity to start with a minimal investment;
  • safe bidding system;
  • a high percent of yield, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • a variety of trading platforms;
  • the ability to conduct transactions online at any time.

To open an account