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100% first deposit bonus


1. Sign up and make the first deposit
2. Get a bonus up to 100% of the first deposit amount
3. Active trading - a guarantee of fast conversion of the bonus into real money!


What is a 100% first deposit bonus?


Bonus is auxiliary funds that can be credited to the Xmarket client one time at the first deposit to the trading account.
With the help of the first deposit bonus, you can significantly improve financial results, use elite trading tools, increase the volume of transactions.
Funds received as a result of bonus trading are customer’s profits.


How to get a first deposit bonus

To get 100% bonus, you need:
- go through the registration procedure
- make the first deposit; minimum deposit amount 250 €


How to convert a bonus into real money?


To convert a bonus into real money, you must perform a certain amount of trading operations. The more actively you trade, the faster you will be able to get additional funds to the account.
The bonus must be converted within a certain period. The size of the bonus, the period of the bonus depends on the current offer of Xmarket and may vary.

Account verification


So why you need verification?


The first reason is that customer accounts are subject to verification according to the decision of regulators, since open at broker's request in international banks. Have you tried opening a bank account without documents?


And the second is the development trend of organizations that warn and expose money laundering operations and traders joining them. This contributes to the transparency and security of work in the market.


For verification, a document is required that confirms the identity of the client:





-The first page of the passport;
-Distinction with registration (registration).

The document must be scanned in high quality in color. Information should be clearly readable.
All borders of the document should be placed in the frame. No images with cropped edges are allowed.
The document must contain information: data confirming the identity, series and document number, the authority that issued it.
If a trading account is not registered in the name of the trader, you must provide the documents of the person to whom the trading account is registered.




- Driving license (on both sides) - confirmation of the client's identity;
- Utility bill in your name or bank statement indicating your full name and address - proof of place of residence.
(The date of issuance of the document must not exceed three months, the validity period of the document provided by the client is three months from the date of issue)


Make sure that the document contains: your name, your address and the name of the company that issued the invoice.
Information on the document should be clearly visible. All borders of the document should be placed in the frame.


Recommendations for scanning documents


Scan documents in color format.

Use file format: JPEG, resolution: 5 MG.


Proof of ownership of the electronic payment instrument from which the transfer was made:


Photo of the bank card from which the transfer was made from both sides


On the front of the card should be visible:
The name on the map.
The first 4 and last 4 digits of the card number.
The signature should be visible on the back of the card (if it is missing, you need to put it).
CVV-code must be closed.


IMPORTANT: you can not use any computer programs for photo editing. Close the necessary places on the map (part of the number, CVV-code) you need using a sheet of paper.


Verification of virtual cards and e-wallets:


1. Screenshot of the virtual card number (front side of the virtual card only)

2. Screenshot about transferring funds to a Xmarket trading account
(receipt or statement of funds transfer)


Verification and Privacy


Another common fear is insufficient protection of the trader’s personal information. There are no real prerequisites for this kind of fear. Market participants do not aim to transfer data to someone else. In order to earn income, in any market it is necessary to provide personal information. This is indicated in international standards and regulations. Experienced traders consider verification as an indispensable condition without pitfalls, resembling the introduction of a password to receive cash at an ATM. Beginners, having minimal investment, do not understand the basic principles of the system and worry unnecessarily.



If you have any questions regarding the verification procedure, please contact our consultants.

Deposit and withdrawal methods


Commission 0%


Xmarket does not charge fees for depositing and withdrawing funds.


Deposit and withdraw funds in the way that is convenient for you - from electronic payment systems to transfers to a bank card. We provide fast processing of requests and the safety of your funds.


* An additional commission from the issuing bank of the card may be withheld.

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Trading cryptocurrency provides endless opportunities to generate income

Opening an account, you get access to the on-trade and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Trading bitcoin easy to understand and cope with them each.

The benefits of opening an account with us:

  • the opportunity to start with a minimal investment;
  • safe bidding system;
  • a high percent of yield, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • a variety of trading platforms;
  • the ability to conduct transactions online at any time.

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