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Commodity trade on the difference

One of the types of transactions in CFDs are valuable raw materials: oil, gas, gold. As assets there may be different kinds of materials, jewelry, etc.


For profit from the contract does not need to buy or sell an asset, it is enough to correctly predict changes in its price.Trade contracts for difference commodity and other assets, is carried out with the use of leverage. This allows you to increase the value of trading positions a few tens or hundreds of times, so you can get a significant profit from a small Deposit. This feature is advantageous to use for the build-up of capital, by implementing inexpensive contacts. A wide range of assets, including not only precious metals but also various raw materials, allows you to select the best option to start trade.


Use the power of the platform

On our site contains the latest market forecasts, use them to determine the most successful time for the transaction. A decrease or increase in the price of the selected asset can turn into profit for you, follow the market changes in real time. You can set the take profit or stop loss, the position is automatically closed at the goal. To participate in the auction will need an account and an initial capital, which can be purchased on contract. All profits from the sale of the contract goes to user any fees not provided. Detailed information on the fee, you can get in a separate tab. We offer advantageous conditions and fixed spreads between buying and selling.

Trading cryptocurrency provides endless opportunities to generate income

Opening an account, you get access to the on-trade and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Trading bitcoin easy to understand and cope with them each.

The benefits of opening an account with us:

  • the opportunity to start with a minimal investment;
  • safe bidding system;
  • a high percent of yield, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • a variety of trading platforms;
  • the ability to conduct transactions online at any time.

To open an account