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Trading conditions


Capital Bonus (Bonus) - Deposit bonus, which is calculated as a percentage of the Deposit amount when you select the customer of the respective account type. Can be used as collateral in transactions.


Bonus and any profit made using the bonus money can be withdrawn only after transactions like BUY or SELL in total volume, which is calculated by the formula: X * 0.5 lots, where X = total volume of the received bonus capital.


1. Online platform Xmarket is:


  • Profitable. Cryptocurrency trading, stock, index, currency, metals and energy without hidden charges.
  • Convenient. All the trading tools in one platform.
  • Quickly. Instant registration and access to your personal account on Xmarket.vc
  • Just. You do not need to understand the terminology, lots and spreads.
  • Profitable. Increase the growth rate of investment is from 2 to 500 times using leverage.
  • Mobile. Access your account from any mobile device

2. Xplatform-mobile — mobile access to global markets 1 minute

Earn on investments through the application Xplatform-mobile, from anywhere in the world. Instantly withdraw profits via the Internet. Free practice on a demo account.

All investments in a single app:

  • Shares of leading corporations (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola);
  • Indexes (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, DAX, etc.);
  • Metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum);
  • Currency (currency pairs, Bitcoin, Litecoin);
  • Oil and gas and other products.

Xplatform-mobile for you if:

  1. You want the money worked;
  2. You need a higher return than the Bank Deposit rates;
  3. You want to quickly manage their capital;
  4. You will appreciate the simplicity and convenience.

3. XplatformTrading platform for PC

Trading platform Xplatform is considered one of the world's best solutions for professional trading. The speed of execution of client orders in normal market conditions and adequate liquidity can be as short as 1 millisecond! More than 100 instruments for effective trading. 44 currency pairs FOREX. 111 CFDs (oil, metals, shares, indices), crypto-currencies and spot metals — gold and silver.

The system NDD (No Dealing Desk) works without the involvement of dealers in the execution of client orders, directly linking the trader to the interbank market. Shopping transactions via mobile devices on operating systems iOS, Android. The program is compatible with an extensive online library of custom indicators and expert advisors. Trailing Stop the opportunity of locking positions and independent management of multiple accounts simultaneously.


Economic calendar

Economic calendar for trading the Forex and financial markets

To earn in the financial markets, you need to buy an asset cheaper, and after some time, sell more, earning the price difference. It is logical that success in Forex trading is based on the ability to build a correct forecast of the price movement. If a trader correctly identify where the price will get high profit.

The economic calendar news and events on the Forex market created in order to help traders to build accurate forecasts and making educated informed trading decisions. Any financial assets: currencies, stocks, indices, metals and oil prices react to events. The price varies to a greater or lesser extent depending on the news importance.

The main objective of the economic calendar to tell the trader about the importance of financial markets for the economic event and how it will affect the price of the asset.
The economic calendar is a chronological compilation of the global economic events. It by date and time collected relevant news and publications in the macroeconomic field States reports the world's largest banks, the results of meetings, etc.


Any trader can benefit from the economic news calendar is completely free, and learn:

  • what a financial asset event may be affected;
  • how is it reflected in the quotations in the past;
  • what are the predictions about the impact of this event on the value of the financial asset;
  • what is the actual result.


Prior to the publication in the economic calendar of an event, the trader sees only the historical data and forecasts for the future quotes. Actual figures are published after the news release. When a trader knows the release date of publications, has information on past and current values, he can compare them based on analysts ' forecasts and build your own forecast.

Data economic calendar allow a trader to take into account the previous situation and play the news in their favor.

To traders with a better understanding of the situation, economic calendar FXCOINS has a special indicator of expected volatility — i.e., the strength of price fluctuations under the influence of the events. And to calendar the ribbon, it was easier to select, the expected levels are marked by color. If you expect strong fluctuations in the value of the asset as a result of the news release in the economic calendar indicator will be red.

Moderate fluctuations are marked in yellow color, low — green. Thus, thumbing through the calendar of economic news, the trader can choose the news interesting him depending on the preferred level of fluctuations at once and correlate it to the strategy of trade in the financial markets. FXCOINS suggests the clients to use free of charge the calendar of economic news of online always to be aware the last of events, to consider them in trade strategy and to maximize the income in the financial markets.

News, analysis

News and market reviews Forex

You are attracted to trading in the Forex market and you want to become a successful trader? So, you need to learn how to do independent analysis and to use the forecasts from the best analysts of the market. The ability to analyze the situation on the Forex market, use charts to make forecasts will help you to achieve success in the trade. Daily forecasts consist of technical and fundamental analysis of markets.

Technical analysis involves a detailed study of the prices and their changes. This greatly help with the graphics. Thanks to them we can assume, as will continue to behave this or that currency. And true to build a forecast is a few well made deals. If you have not yet learned to build their own forecasts and to correctly use graphs to help the analyst professionals. On our website you will find useful articles and forecasts from the best analysts of the Forex.

Fundamental analysis is a more global indicator of the stock markets. This study of the economic and political news. So, certain events in Europe could affect the Euro. And changes in Russia will affect trades in the direction of the dollar-ruble. It is noteworthy that the exchange rates affect not only the macro-and microeconomic changes. On our website you will find the latest news from the field of Economics and policy that may affect trade in the Forex market.

Good Forex traders are not born but made. So you have all chances along the way. Daily visit our resource to be aware of all the important news. Try yourself, on the basis of prognozov and data analysts to build fundamental and technical analysis of the markets, and You will succeed.

To become a good broker is an intelligent work with a large amount of data, trading signals, analysis and news. Use a variety of approaches and find your own unique trading system, daily reviews and news will help You every step of the way to conquer Forex. Forex Analytics is the ability to make the most profitable deals.


Webinars from Xmarket — learning and trade with the pros online!

A great opportunity to learn or improve skills in global markets is to attend online webinars. Besides the fact that this can be done from home, there are the following positive aspects:


  • for visit no need to pay (the owners of the accounts Gold and above);
  • webinar topics are varied, you can choose any;
  • you can attend regularly or occasionally — it all depends on your time and effort;
  • to visit the webinar requires only the computer (mobile device) and the Internet.


Speakers traders with years of trading experience in global markets — thorough approach to the choice of topics. Do not be confused if the title looks scary. The teacher will be happy to facilitate the understanding of the topic for the allocated lesson time. The training used visual materials, which contribute to easier assimilation of the acquired knowledge (slide presentations, tables, graphs, illustrations, etc.), and uses a form of education "question and answer", which allows you to assign a new material.


Sign up for the webinar is not difficult. Should only:


1. Choose a webinar;
2. Click on the "register"button;
3. To complete the application form, entering your account number and email address.

Ready! Please note, the quality of online seminars is not inferior to the quality of any classroom lectures school of trading. The format of the webinars even more convenient.


The advantages of webinars from Xmarket

  • a wide range of interesting topics;
  • online seminars are conducted for both beginners and professional traders who already work in the Forex market;
  • the opportunity to participate in webinars from a mobile device;
  • during class, each student can ask questions and receive answers on them;
  • learning to build individual strategies, methods, a comprehensive analysis of the market and others;
  • training topics based on the preferences of the participants;
  • trade online.

Have knowledge and trade with profit!

Trading signals

Trading signals popular way to automate the activity of trading on the international currency market Forex, cryptocurrency, commodity and stock markets. Trading signals daily help millions of traders get stable profit. Particularly relevant recommendations FXC-signals are for those who have to combine trading with work or studies. Trading signals are a series of recommendations based on the analysis of key technical and fundamental market indicators. They provide information on current trends, helping to determine the correct entry point into the market.

Each signal is formed from the different economic indicators, such as:

  • trading volume;
  • graphics;
  • interest rates;
  • current market activity

Trading signals help to determine the ideal time to open trades and possible end to the current trend. In other words, the signals inform the trader about the most successful moments of opening and closing positions in accordance with a preset strategy. Free signals can be obtained on the Internet, it is possible to order the sending of trading signals, it is possible to make the algorithm of the program, if You have the necessary skills.

However, free signals, download to unchecked resources may be fraught with many dangers ranging from ineffective strategies and ending with computer viruses. Among the free signals to find something quite problematic. The "forecasters" a lot, but analytically justified signals is sufficiently small. Sending effective trading signals is usually done for a fee.



Trading system

Use the trading systems and get expert tips on how when and why to enter into the transaction.

Each trading system is created by an experienced trader and passes a rigorous selection at an early stage. In the end, only effective and profitable system provided to customers and monitored in the process.

The main advantages of trading systems

To earn, you do not need deep knowledge. Enough to follow instructions. Everyone can find a suitable system in terms of profitability and frequency of transactions. Connects test mode for 2 weeks. You will be able to pre-assess the quality of the signals.

What you will receive after you connect trading system


  • Trading signals expert in email and in the trading terminal.
  • Daily analytical tool for modeling trade.
  • Weekly more online reviews on the trading system.
  • Instruction on operation of the trading system.

As you create and test each trading system?

We carefully study the historical data of return on assets and a strategy for dealing with them. Based on these data, we create a trading system, which are then subject to expert advice FXCOINS. The most effective systems are selected and tested on real trading accounts of at least three months. Only in the event of a confirmed return, we offer a service to you.


Why trading systems is the minimum acceptable Deposit?

The portfolio of any trading system includes a volatile tools, which are the basis of earnings, but can give a drawdown in the trading process. To show the total yield, it is necessary to work according to the rules of capital management. These rules and determine the size of the minimum Deposit.


Choosing a trading system, pay attention to the following:

1. The minimum allowable capital.

Number of funds in the account that you want to follow trading signals. Choose a trading system that suits your financial capabilities.

2. The frequency of transactions.
Trading systems based on strategies with different frequency of monitoring of the market: from 3 to 4 times daily to 1 times a month. What they kratkosrochnye, the more time it may require. Choose the system that is most convenient for you.

3. The level of profitability.

Trading strategies differ in the level of return and risk. Before selecting a particular system, rate the level of profitability and acceptable risk strategy. Select the systems that meet your expectations regarding profitability and potential losses.

*More information You can read Your Analytics.


Cryptocurrency is digital money, created by the users of the special peer-to-peer networks. Cryptocurrencies are not tied to real currency, and their number is inherently limited by the algorithm. Digital currency is a relatively new phenomenon in the financial world, is rapidly gaining popularity, including as a commodity. Cryptocurrency trading the financial markets offers unlimited opportunities to earn profit you can get and the growth and decline.

Market features of cryptocurrency:

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to carry out transactions at any convenient time;
  • Low liquidity often leads to high volatility.

Sample deal

To profit, you have to buy the cryptocurrency cheaper and then sell higher or sell high and then buy cheaper. The difference between the purchase price and the sale is your profit. Usually during the day the price of bitcoin ranging from $5-35 per coin, but there were changes by more than 2,000 points in a single day. In 2013, bitcoin rose to 5580%. For the transaction on the trader's account must be at least 20% of the current market price of bitcoin. For example, detention or sale at a price of coins to $240, the trader must have minimum capital of $48.


The non-ferrous metals trade on Forex exchange

Gold and silver for many centuries was the money in the literal sense of the word. Precious metals on the Forex now, especially gold, retain the aura of "real money", which wakes up in times of instability of the global economy and currencies. Traditionally, in times of crisis on Forex metals tend to rise as reliable assets.

These tools relate to strategic raw materials, and this alone keeps them in the focus of attention of speculators. Industrial production growth is always associated with increased demand for industrial metals (copper, platinum, palladium) that dictates the rise of prices and offers opportunity for profit.


We offer trade gold and silver on spot conditions, but copper, palladium and platinum using CFDs (contracts for difference) that allows to profit from price fluctuations without physical deliveries of goods.

Features of the metal market:

The stock exchange of nonferrous metals online on the Forex - a profitable investment in times of economic instability. Low costs of transactions in gold and silver, distinguishes the spot trade from the acquisition of bullion or metal accounts in banks. The possibility of earnings in periods of falling prices, which is impossible when dealing with bullion. Economically reasonable shift in the price dictated by actual demand, allowing greater focus on fundamentals and not on speculative expectations.

Sample deal

The contract for platinum is a tool recommended by traders for short term trading. Average fluctuations in the price of the asset is just above the fluctuations of the major currency pairs and gold.


Platinum (Platinum – PL) are set in U.S. dollars per Troy ounce (symbol – Tr.Oz., a weight of about 31 grams).
In absolute terms, platinum prices are changed on average $20-$25 per day. However, there are sustainable momentum in the $40-$50 for one or two days. In absolute terms, platinum prices are changed on average $20-$25 per day. However, there are sustainable momentum in the $40-$50 for one or two days. Recommended quality capital to work with platinum – $1000 for short-term deals and $2500 for medium-term trading.


Players on the world oil market are whole countries, companies, traders and even ordinary motorists every day who fill your car with gasoline. Modern civilization is based on the use of hydrocarbons as a primary energy source, highly dependent on a regular supply of oil and gas, so any natural event, political or economic nature, affecting the suppliers, instantly lead to changes in prices. We offer you to make money on changes in energy prices through so-called contracts for difference (CFDs). This gives you the opportunity to profit from the price fluctuations of oil and gas without actual delivery of raw materials.

Features of the energy market:

The constant fluctuation of quotes, due to the many factors influencing prices, provides a constant potential profit.
The oil trade is linked to a particular stock exchanges which have their own schedule. The energy market is urgent, that is, it the contract is traded that has a certain validity period.

Sample deal

Oil is one of the most preferred assets for traders specializing in short-term trade. The average fluctuations of the prices for oil approximately 2-4 times higher than the average price movements of the major currency pairs and gold. However, it is worth noting that trade this instrument will also be of interest to those traders who are planning transactions with a view to more long-term perspective. Possible fluctuations in oil prices in one day can reach $2.5/bbls. For short trade (with medium fluctuations) in the transactions volume of 0.1 lot (100 bbls) the profit potential is about $250 per day. To work with a contract for 100 barrels of oil on the trader's account should not be less than 1% of the current market price. For example, at a price of $110/bbls for the transaction to buy or sell a trader needs to have a minimum capital of $110. The recommended capital for comfortable operation on oil for operations with a volume of 0.1 lot is $1500 and above.

Agricultural products is one of the elements that are important not only for individual households but to economies as a whole. In addition to the food industry and livestock, they are increasingly used for the production of alternative fuels, construction and packaging materials, plastics, as well as in the medical industry. On the dynamics of prices of agricultural commodities is influenced by many events, changing the balance of supply and demand. Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow you to earn on price fluctuations for agricultural products without actual delivery of goods.


Features of the market of agricultural goods:


The market of agricultural goods is urgent, it is in the contracts having a certain period of action are trading. Trade in agricultural goods is tied to the concrete exchanges which have own schedule of work. The market of agricultural goods is urgent, it is in the contracts having a certain period of action are trading.

Example of the transaction

The contract for corn – the tool recommended to traders for medium-term and long-term trade. As a rule, the prices of corn grow from the minimum values during harvesting, to the maximum marks in the spring before sowing works.

Prices of corn

The prices of corn (Corn) are established in US dollars for bushel (60 pounds).
During growth periods, the average advance in price makes +13,35%. The goods during the period GMT are most liquid from 15:30 till 19:15. In the same time also the maximum volatility which often is followed by a gap at opening of a session is fixed. The recommended capital for comfortable work with wheat – $2500 for medium-term transactions and $10000 for a long-term trade.


Daily on stock exchanges, transactions are carried out with thousands of different stocks, which often move in different directions, the question arises about the direction of the market as a whole. The answer was the invention of the stock market indices. Stock market index - is a kind of average price of the group shares belonging to it. The change in the index over time allows not only to judge the overall direction of the market, but also to earn on these trends through trade contracts for difference (CFD).


Trading features:


The opportunity to buy or sell the market immediately, trading and earning in global growth or the fall of the world's largest economies. You can keep track of tendentsii Forex on the dynamics of growth or fall of the South. Indices Forex great investment for fans of the long-term strategies. On quotations of the indexes is influenced by the courses of securities that are part of it. Indices trading in the Forex investments in whole sectors of the economy (industry - DJIA, transportation, DJTA , and utilities sector - DJUA). There are also trading on the Forex quotes of the courses of specialized indexes. For example, the exchange of high technologies NASDAQ in USA. The minimum cash requirements to purchase a package of tens and hundreds of shares of the largest global and regional companies.

Sample deal

The contract on stock index S& P500 allows traders in seconds with one click to buy and sell stocks of the 500 largest U.S. corporations. The stock is a key tool in short-term trading and long term investment. Actively used the strategy of "Buy and hold" (Buy & Hold) when the contract is purchased and held for several years. The strategy is subject to risks in times of crisis, but in favorable periods of time has good potential income. The index is not a fixed figure. The size of the contract is calculated as $50 times the index value. The value of one tick (minimum price change) is equal to 0.25 index points and the value per tick is $12.50 per contract. For example, when investing in the index volume of 0.1 lot profit from changes in S&P500 380 points $1900 ($5*380). To work with a volume 0.1 lot on the trader's account should not be less than 0.5% of the price of the index multiplied by $5. The recommended optimal capital for long-term investment is $1500 per trade volume of 0.1 lots.


The features of The stock market:


In periods of General depression of the stock price can increase dramatically, allowing you to profit even in the absence of economic growth in General.
You can earn in two ways: as the share price increase and falling. Trade shares tied to specific exchanges that have their own schedule. Do not have to physically own stocks in order to profit by changing their price.

Sample deal

Working with CFDs on shares of Apple Inc. can be recommended as long-term investors and traders seeking active short-term operations. The standard trading lot is 100 shares. The change in the stock price after the crisis of 2008 was more than $500 per share. For example, for a transaction size of 0.1 lots (10 shares) income potential over this period of time amounted to more than $5000. If the share price of $500 for trades at 0.1 lot on the trader's account must be at least $250. The recommended capital for short-term work with a volume 0.1 lot – $700 and above. The optimal capital for long-term investments – 5,000.


FOREX (English FOReign Exchange) is the world's largest financial market where trading takes place currencies. By analogy with the traditional markets, online Forex rate of one currency expressed in terms of units of another (conditional "money"). The accepted form of recording is called currency pair, e.g. THE EUR/USD. In this case, the cost of 1 Euro (the goods) is expressed in some number of dollars (money).

We offer FOREX trading on the spot, that does not imply actual delivery of currency units, but allows you to profit from the spreads in times of purchases and sales.


Features of the FOREX market:

  • Open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday allowing you to trade at any
  • Dozens of currency pairs, allowing the use of economic and political events
    all over the planet for profit.
  • High liquidity due to which it is possible to freely buy
    and sell large amounts at any time.


The example of the EUR/USD currency pair


In order to make a profit, it is necessary to buy the currency cheaper and then sell higher or sell higher and then buy cheaper. The size of the profit depends on the difference between the purchase price and sale price. If you have correctly predicted the direction of price movement, you get a profit. If wrong, a loss. This way, you can earn not only on the appreciation of the currency, but cheaper. Despite the fact that on your account are dollars, you can sell any other currency.

Investment portfolio

The investment portfolio represents a set of investment tools (funds, securities) in which the capital of the investor is distributed.


The individual investment portfolio has to be balanced in the following parameters:


  • On market risk – Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive assets;
  • On currency risk – Dollars, Euro, Rubles, Cryptocurrencies, other tools;
  • On categories of assets – actions, bonds, the real estate, precious metals, Cryptocurrencies and other commodity assets;
  • Over the countries – the USA, Europe, Asia, other regions.
  • You can see examples of such distribution of assets in our standard portfolios developed for different investors – conservative, moderate, aggressive and superaggressive. You can order for yourself the individual investment portfolio which can be a part of the investment plan.

Who needs the investment portfolio

1. At investment of the sum from 10 000 dollars and more at the same time.
2. In this case the consultant will develop for you the balanced portfolio with inclusion in him of various categories of the assets invested in different regions. The portfolio will also be diversified on currencies and risks. At the same time you can also choose one of our standard portfolios – this option not an exception.
3. At investment of any sums – at a time or periodically, according to the accumulative plan, and at the same time wants to include assets of a certain type in a portfolio. For example, to invest the main part of capital in funds of the USA or to the commodity sector. That is, if you don't suit our standard portfolios, the consultant will make for you the individual investment portfolio taking into account your wishes.

Development of the investment portfolio consists of the following stages:

1. Development of your own strategy of investment.
2. Selection of the Russian and foreign investment tools.
3. Coordination of all investment tools.
4. Assistance in investment - preparation of all documents for opening of necessary accounts in Russia and abroad and the help in the translation abroad (preparation of documents for the translation through the Russian bank).
If you like to plan achievement of your main objectives – receiving passive income on pensions, accumulation of the capital on training of children, purchase of the apartment, etc. - we will develop for you the corresponding investment plan.


Profitability of standard portfolios

The current values on the yield on the standard investment portfolios are presented in the table.


The yield model portfolios


  The yield YTD Average annual yield, % The total return since the beginning of investment, %
1st quarter 1 year Since the beginning of investment
Conservative investment portfolio -0,97% 23,40% 71,79% 89,42% 142,65%
Weighted average -1,77% 45,77% 76,22% 93,08% 160,65%
A fully diversified -2,71% 53,94% 81,33% 98,46% 152,09%
Aggressive investment portfolio -3,11% 67,35% Of 76.05% 120,76% 186,23%
Cryptocurrency portfolio 2.15% 41,12% 117% 145% 231,12%


Principles of trade system

The portfolio consists of top cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. They are known to all cryptoinvestors, put the large sums in them and most of investors believe in their growth. These coins are reliable as they are checked by time, they won't be able unexpectedly to disappear or soskamitsya, their creators have no opportunity to leave just like that together with cash desk. Usually their growth isn't so rapid as at other coins, but they grow and in the long term it is possible to get fivefold profit in a year, having got them. Such coins will be a kernel of our portfolio of cryptocurrencies as they are very reliable.
For adoption of trade decisions the price chart gives in to the comprehensive analysis, local maxima and minima come to light. Depending on their arrangement concerning each other the condition of the market is defined and the postponed warrants with obligatory use of SL\TP are exposed.
Existence in a portfolio of both long, and short positions allows to earn from any market movements and tendencies
The system is focused on holding a position in the direction of a trend so long as far as it is possible, and on fletovy sites to avoid losses and even to get profit. It is the universal and simple option of trade capable to bring income at any succession of events in the market.
Advantage of trade system provides existence in the market of trend sites which are the main used regularity.


The expected quarter profitability — profitability assessment at average values of profitability of each tool of a portfolio. The actual indicator can differ from expected in the big or smaller party.
Average quarter risk — possible sags of the capital or income within a year for a typical environment of the financial markets. As a rule, within a quarter such phenomenon can occur several times. In case of realization of average risk the author of strategy holds an unplanned meeting with investors of rather further prospects of the financial markets and portfolios
To the investor, relying on structure and structure of a portfolio, it is only necessary to carry out transactions on opening of positions and their closing. Within a year monitoring of the current positions it is possible to carry out all once a month, having spent for it about an hour of time.
Strategy is constructed in such a way that the decision on investment is made by the author only once in a quarter. At the same time, accession to a portfolio is possible also during the entire period. It is possible to learn about relevant investments at the personal analyst of the company.


Requirements to the participant of service

1. Observance of the balanced technique of management of the capital
2. The trade technique before use has to be discussed with the personal analyst.
3. In case of approach of extreme sag of a position on a portfolio have to be liquidated.
4. To get profit, there is enough 3-5 hours a month;
5. If at observance of items 1 and 2 trade brings sag of 30% of a deposit, then it is necessary to stop trade and to appoint private consultation with the analyst for diagnostics of mistakes.

Additional services of service


1. Weekly review of the market and trade signals from the company
2. Results of work for the last period
3. Relevant conditions of a portfolio
4. Analysis of the current situation and statement of trade tasks for these days
5. Monthly reports on trade: analysis and results.

Types of accounts

Read more about each of the types of accounts you can read by clicking on the link.

What is the minimum amount to start?


Of course, there is a direct relationship between the size of the initial capital and the profits You can get. But advertising that says "Open Deposit $ 10,000 and earn to 50000 $ in a month" is unfair. Do not believe the aggressive advertising!


Keep to the Golden mean. Bargain 2-3 weeks with the amount that you really can afford it, analyze the percentage of return and risk and then You will understand what type of account will suit You and help you to consistently reach the desired level of income.


Taking into account the views of the practicing traders, advice on the value of the first account are reduced to two simple points:

1. The first step:

Open average type of account and learn the capabilities of the trading platform, check the competence of analysts of the company, each price movement during the trading sessions and so on to make some serious money with a Deposit of € 200 to € 500 is impossible, but in return you get invaluable experience that trading in demo account will never give. Trade on this account from 2 weeks to a month. Do not rush to increase the Deposit. The market"s not going anywhere. Plenty of time to make your millions :)

2. Second step:

The greatest effect will trade with the right investment portfolio under the guidance of an experienced analyst from the company. In this case, You protect yourself from the risks, allocating capital between different tools. In addition, You get many advantages choosing accounts Gold, Platinum, or above. Don't read fairy tales at night about how someone opened an account of $ 350 and two months later withdrew 7000. But if you're the trader, let me know, will invite You for interview for the post of analyst.

Professional traders

If we are talking about a professional account with a Deposit of $ 10,000, the company Xmarket You will find the best conditions for trading on the global markets, will receive the highest level of service.

Why Xmarket?

Xmarket is a multifunction platform that allows to trade crypto-currencies, stocks, indices, currency pairs, metals and energy without hidden charges. Instant registration gives you access to the personal portal with a mobile phone and other devices. Broker Xmarket is completely safe and licensed broker.

Our advantages are trading terms that we provide to our clients:


  • The minimum Deposit is only 100 dollars\Euro
  • 5 currencies account (EUR, USD, RUB, BTC*, GOLD)
  • Micro account with minimum lot 0.01
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Low-interest swaps
  • Spreads from 0 pips
  • The possibility of selling any currency pair
  • Leverage up to 1:3 to 1:1000
  • Multilingual support in 14 languages
  • Quotes in real time and convenient schedules
  • Various trading platforms for traders at all levels
  • Effective, intuitive and modern platform mobile app Xmarket
  • Policy's negative balance protection
  • Safety of trading account on Bank level
  • No restrictions on trading strategies or preferences
  • Deep liquidity from suppliers top-level
  • The highest speed of orders execution
  • Affiliate program with payment of 50%
  • Online support 24/7
  • Online webinars
  • PAMM-accounts
  • Hedging transactions
  • Segregated accounts
  • The system of trading servers

Trading cryptocurrency provides endless opportunities to generate income

Opening an account, you get access to the on-trade and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Trading bitcoin easy to understand and cope with them each.

The benefits of opening an account with us:

  • the opportunity to start with a minimal investment;
  • safe bidding system;
  • a high percent of yield, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • a variety of trading platforms;
  • the ability to conduct transactions online at any time.

To open an account